Better Medical Is A Private Clinc (fee for Service)

Tuesday to Friday 9am to 6pm.
Saturday 9am to 2pm

Book Now: 403-237-2353
Calgary, AB T2P 5R4

Tuesday to Friday 9am to 6pm.
Saturday 9am to 2pm

Tuesday to Friday 9am to 6pm.
Saturday 9am to 2pm

Book Now: 403-237-2353
Calgary, AB T2P 5R4

Book Now: 403-237-2353
Calgary, AB T2P 5R4

Dear Friend,

Feeling and looking 10 years younger is within your reach. The reason most people, even you; feel older is because some vital steps are missing from even the healthiest routines: watch video on missing link to hormone balance here)

Functional Medicine embraces cutting edge science. Paired with a hormone re-set you get more energy, mental sharpness, restful sleep and long term boosted metabolism. Return to your youth. Be young and vibrant again.

COVID-19 Re-Opening

To our Valued Patients and [Better] family,
We are happy to inform you that we are now OPEN to provide you with the best care possible in medicine and skin care. We have new procedures in place for the safety of everyone and follows the Alberta Health Services Guidelines for our clinic.

  • The Hours Of Operation Currently Are:
    - Monday - 10 AM to 3 PM
    - Tuesday/Wednesday 9 AM to 6 PM
    - Thursday 9 AM to 8 PM
    - Friday 9 AM to 6 PM
    - Saturday 9 AM to 2 PM
  • Services Currently Available:
    - All Services are now back in Operation
  • New COVID Procedure:
    - All patients must fill out a health questionnaire upon arrival of the clinic

Medical Solutions to Restore Health

Balance mind and body; and re-balance hormones naturally. Bio-identical hormones are the key to feeling and looking younger.

[ Feel younger then look younger with all natural treatments that guarantee you results ]

I am not just a ‘doctor’. I believe in healing you and understanding everything about you. Not just your symptoms. There is no healing with a ‘one-size-fits-all approach. There is no healing without listening, deeply listening to you as my patient and synthesizing current science with your beliefs, wishes and capacities. The science is changing daily, and I am committed to keeping updated in my knowledge to bring you the best care possible. 

- Dr Natasha Iyer

CoolSculpting (R) Non-Surgical Fat Removal is Now at [Better]!



My energy was better, my thinking was better.

No question that my body was receiving this, and receiving it well. My energy was better, my thinking was better.
…Some real learning stuff, particularly how foods go together and how it works. I enjoyed that. I’m progressively moving forward from where I was. Not quite all the way there yet. But getting closer to getting of my medication. I had some predisposed ideas about what is good and what isn’t from the media, and Blanche (Nutrition counselor) burst those myths for me.


Wilma Henderson felt CONNED!

I left here feeling like I been conned into taking something else that won’t work. Now I’m amazed at the changes. I used to feel fuzzy (brain fog, a general feeling of not wanting to get up) and blah. That is better now.

My PMS was worse with the fogginess that wouldn’t clear until mid afternoon. That is not to the same extent anymore.
I’ve tried all those things (supplements – Vit D, Fish Oil, Calcium, vitamins) before. I definitely feel that the quality makes a difference. I used to stop taking those supplements because it never made a difference before.

It is definitely not a placebo effect because I was so negative when I started taking them. I said to Bill that I may as well take them because I spent money on them. Within 2-3 days, I started to feel better.

Wilma Henderson

I have my life back again

I have my life back again; my sleep is great, my memory and mood are like it was 10 years ago – thanks, Dr. Iyer

V.M. 52 year old female

My confidence is so much better since the Thermage

My confidence is so much better since the Thermage(TM) treatment…my neck already feels firmer, and I am wearing open neck tops for the first time in years. It’s only been 3 days. I used to be so self conscious about my neck.

M.K. 62 year old female

I hit a big goal of mine

I hit a big goal of mine – I got to less than 200lb, the lowest I have been in so many years! Working with the nutritionist has been amazing. She is worth every last penny and then some. In fact, my food bills are lower than ever. Since getting onto the program, my energy is better, I am sleeping better…. and now I see the weight dropping. Its true – the weight is not the problem; it is the symptom that something else was wrong.

Following the health and rebalancing program and feeding my metabolism really works.

Agnes R, Calgary, AB

I LOVE my new cheeks!

I LOVE my new cheeks! I think I look younger and I don’t get the bags under my eyes that I hated so very much! THANK YOU!

Kathy M, Calgary, AB

I feel fabulous after just 3 months!

My major thing was lack of energy. I just didn’t want to do anything, go anywhere. Everything was a chore. I noticed I got a lot more energy, my moods are a lot more even, no more cravings…which is good. Even my tendon pain disappeared. It was gradual improvement, and then after the third month – boom – everything was just better. I read Suzanne Somer’s book Breakthrough – she talks about everything you are already doing here at [Better]



My major thing was lack of energy. Everything was a chore. Even getting up in the morning. I noticed I got a lot of more energy, my moods are a lot more even, no more cravings…


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