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Summertime Secrets of Weight Loss & Keeping it Off...


Dr Natasha Iyer

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With Dr Natasha Iyer 

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Tuesday, June 7

7:00PM - 8:30PM Mountain Time

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Tuesday, June 7th, I am revealing some incredible new weight-loss and energy breakthroughs I’ve found. These are things you’ve never heard before, and could completely change how you experience your summer this year...

New scientific fat-loss discoveries are being made every single day. OLD rules - now broken.  NEW rules - rewritten.  What you thought you know about weight loss is in need of a TUNE-UP!  

Weight-loss breakthroughs for everyone!  Discover the simplest, cheapest ways to melt that fat, and look your best this summer.  Foods to eat (and avoid).  Drinks that help (or hurt).  Snacks that make you sexy (or ones that should be shunned)... discover what's working now for dropping the pounds and KEEPING THEM OFF...

Metabolism findings, breakthroughs, and solutions that you’ve never even heard of...

Or the simple ways you can turn the clock back on your skin, your body, your mind and your energy levels (I will show you picture proof that me and my clients are aging BACKWARDS! Yes, looking and feeling younger as you get older sounds ridiculous, but pictures don’t lie!)...

I have put together the most comprehensive weight-loss training program I’ve ever released in my 15 years in the business...

I guaranteed you will learn something new here - something you have never heard before. You’ll get everything you need to create your own action plan and steps forward (based on cutting edge science and new breakthroughs I’ve found).