Winning The Weight Loss Wars!

If You Want To Change Your Health and Turn Back The Aging Clock... Join Us For This Special Day!

July 26, 2016 ...Prepare to be Wined and Dined While Discovering The Secrets Of Perfect Health

Our Intensive Health Program Is 


Fed up with trying to LOSE WEIGHT? Rev up your Metabolism instead!!!!

Discover the secrets missing from every weight loss program that robs you of lasting results.

July 26, 2016 from 6 pm - 9 pm  

@ Better - Suite 518-922 5 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB, 

Ph. 403-237-2353

I want to welcome you to our Health Day Intensive!

This is our last full-day event like this and this is going to be our best.

A full day of fun, laughter, healthy eating, and discovery of some of the most powerful health and wellness breakthroughs I've discovered in my decades as an MD.

Dr Natasha Iyer

Join us...

Detox Sessions

What is a cleanse anyways.. and do I need it? Dr. Shabnam Das Kar helps you make sense of what it is to ‘cleanse' to rev up your metabolism. (And it's NOT Draino!!)

The 3 things blocking your Metabolism AND your results. Dr. Natasha Iyer MD specializes in hormone balance and healthy aging. What’s blocking your results?


Gourmet DINNER!

Feed your body the RIGHT way. Dr. Natasha Iyer will teach you the NEW rules of eating for your body over dinner. 9 tantalizing dishes PLUS wine.. you won’t believe it’s good for you!!!

Look AND Feel Younger Sessions

Now that you feel younger, you can look younger too. Watch Dr. Natasha Iyer erase years off someone in minutes. Look fresher, yet totally natural.

Quick and Easy Meditation for health improvements and Stress reduction Rick Titan, author, show host and meditation expert leads you through meditation. (This is a key component for lasting weight management.)Then learn about self sabotage and how to break free from it.

Acupuncture Secrets for At-Home. Dr Wu shows you special acupressure points you can use at home to enhance your health, lower stress and increase your metabolism.

AUCTION Have some fun... we promise!!

* Be prepared to stand for short periods of time to prevent sitting disease.

* Wear comfy clothing.

* Please bring a refillable water bottle: water, lemon water, tea and coffee are included

ONLY $197 For Entire Evening, a Gourmet Meal, Wine, Workbooks, an Action Plan to Get Back Your Health, full access to our membership site with videos and guides, my custom-designed recipe book, and a $50 Gift Certificate For Any of Our Products or Services...

Join US!

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