June 18


Wilma Henderson felt CONNED!

I left here feeling like I been conned into taking something else that won’t work. Now I’m amazed at the changes. I used to feel fuzzy (brain fog, a general feeling of not wanting to get up) and blah. That is better now.

My PMS was worse with the fogginess that wouldn’t clear until mid afternoon. That is not to the same extent anymore.
I’ve tried all those things (supplements – Vit D, Fish Oil, Calcium, vitamins) before. I definitely feel that the quality makes a difference. I used to stop taking those supplements because it never made a difference before.

It is definitely not a placebo effect because I was so negative when I started taking them. I said to Bill that I may as well take them because I spent money on them. Within 2-3 days, I started to feel better.


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