Every person, even overweight people; need to take high quality nutritional supplements in addition to a healthy diet.

Food no longer has the quality of nutrients that it had decades ago.

Your food is harvested in another country before it is ripe; treated with radiation and treated with chemicals to prevent spoiling, enhance appearance, and encourage ripening.

The nutrients in the soil are depleted and more pollutants and chemicals are in the soil and water.

If you are active; stressed; have pain; or have any issue with your life or health: you need to focus on nutrient repletion even more! Your body is working harder and needs more fuel for the pathways that are activated.

We source supplements from companies that have the highest standards for producing highly potent, pure products that meet third party testing for quality. More information

Your vitamins are cold extracted to keep the nutrients intact ( think about cooking your food vs eating it raw). Fillers and additives are minimal; if any and are not harmful to your liver pathways.

When compared to the highest quality Over The Counter Supplements; these supplements are actually more cost effective per bottle and oftentimes; the concentration is higher.

These supplements are only found in physician offices and require a Naturopathic or Medical Doctor prescription.

The categories of supplements are for your convenience.

Many supplements have multiple functions.

Magnesium for example, has over 400 functions in your body. It helps with sleep; energy; bowel function; nervous system functions and more.

If you have questions about which supplement is right for you; please email Better Medical Centre Mention website and receive 20% off your first order.