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Youth Tx No 3


This unique combination of nutrients gives you skin that looks healthier, glowing and radiant in as little as 3 weeks.
I am saving probably $1000 every 6 months because I don’t use eye cream,  day cream and night cream anymore!!
I always bought Expensive creams (I’ve paid $500 for Estée Lauder and Guerlain) and I only wash with dove soap. carlabaker1
(Yes I have super sensitive skin and  I have tried other cleansers/ moisturizers and this is the best combo for me.)
This cream makes my skin smoother and it got rid of my dryness … I don’t need to use any other products.
I wear makeup mostly to cover my freckles, lol ! And to make my skin look smoother.
But they (the freckles) seem to have faded. Now I choose to wear makeup, I don’t have to. Not only is my skin smoother, it is brighter (less freckles).
I’ve also tried Retinol A and I can’t use it – it made my skin too dry.
I like the smell of it too… Lemony. Fresh and light.
About the results: initially I felt the moisturizing effect. By the 3rd month (my bottle lasts me that long) I noticed the maximum results.
Carla Baker, Fort McMurray Alberta

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 742 gr container
This unique combination of nutrients gives you skin that looks healthier, glowing and radiant in as little as 3 weeks.
Collagen Support:
30g of vegan protein (pea, rice) provides the building blocks for collagen.
The average ‘healthy eater’ still doesn’t consume adequate protein to support all the body’s requirements from building bone and muscle to repairing tissue and regenerating healthy skin and collagen.
Easily absorbed and digested due to powdered formulation, betaine helps support digestion.
Vitamin C, an anti-oxidant, also helps in the building of collagen.
Anti-oxidant support:
Glutathione is a powerful neutralizer of free radicals, that are know to damage cellular DNA. Ellagic acid from pomegranate extract works at the gene level to induce synthesis of Glutathione-S-transferase.
As does N-acetyl-cysteine and selenium glycerinate.
Curcumin, green tea catechins, ginger, quercetin, rutin, beta-carotene, selenium, citrus bioflavonoids add to the broad spectrum of anti-oxidants in this product.
Curcumin and ginger are powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients.. Skin conditions like rose and acne are inflammatory conditions which respond to anti-inflammatory products.
Skin aging has a basis of inflammation as does all of your body’s aging processes.
Cellular support:
Choline and Omega 3 and 6 from Organic Flaxseed are important for cell membrane stability and support.
Methylated B vitamins and chelated minerals add to this benefit as well as enhancing energy production.
Digestive (GI) Health
The health of your gut lining is reflected in your skin health.
“Leaky gut” (Intestinal permeability) is caused by stress, toxins (from chemicals and preservatives in your skin care, to your household cleaners, and other molecules in the air around you, to pesticides in your food, and many others), gluten, medications and drugs, alcohol, to name a few.
L-glutamine, fibre (from inulin and flax).
Liver and skin detoxification support:
Bio-active B vitamins, methylcobalamin, and 5MTHF (methyltetrahydrofolate); MSM and many of the other ingredients help support the liver pathways that are vital to removing xenobiotics and xenon-estrogens.
Xenobiotics and xeon-estrogens are molecules that accumulate in your body and disrupt hormone balance.
As you age, you accumulate a higher body burden of toxins.
The combination of GI and liver support allows your body to efficiently remove toxins that are causing inflammation, aging and collagen degradation.
This is a medical food.
Seek advice from your doctor before taking any natural health product.
Please fill in the attached Toxic Screen. If your score is above 40, start with 1/2 scoop of product once or twice a day.
If your score is higher than 80, start with 1/4 scoop, and follow the same gradual increase guidelines.
Gradually increase from 1/2 scoop twice a day to 1/2 scoop 3 x day.
If you feel well, increase further until you can consume 2 scoops as a single serving, once or twice a day.
Mix with water, almond milk or blend with fruit and veggies to make a smoothie.
For Fat Burning: 
This product contains many ingredients that are integral to the metabolism of fat.
Consume 1 serving (2 scoops) 3 times a day for 2-4 weeks.
Remove gluten, Dairy, Corn, Soy, Peanuts and all processed food/ sugar from your diet during this time.
Eat 5-6 cups of low Glycemic Index Veggies a day. (eg. All greens, cabbage, tomatoes, mushrooms)
(Measure raw, then cook or blend or make your salad)
Drink 7-10 cups of water or decaffeinated tea.
Protein: 1-2 servings a day, in portions the size of your palm. (Chicken, beef, lamb, fish)
(Remember that each shake contains 30g of protein, which is one serving.)
If possible: Eat more naturally raised meats. Wild fish, not farmed. 
Try to eat Cage free, naturally raised eggs and chicken.


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