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Dear friend,

I used to be F'd!

Now I'm in my forties and feeling fabulous!

I am going to share with you the steps I took along my journey, how I help patients all over the world get results like I have: long lasting and effective; without feeling deprived, resentful and starving!

I was frustrated with FAT!
No matter how much (or type) I exercised, counted calories - nothing worked!
My doctor said 'your tests are all normal'.

Fed up is a mild F- word to describe how I felt ;-)

The thing is:
There is NO SUCH THING as weight loss.
Fat storage and fat burning is what we should be focused on.
After all, it is FAT that is bothering you and your loved ones.

Fat is the SYMPTOM that something is wrong. When we find out what it is for YOU, (which is different than for someone else) then you unlock the secret to long lasting fat burning and leaning down.

I am passionate about spreading the message of health; and more important - the secrets to getting UN- F'd!!!

Would you like to stay lean without being frustrated and fed up?
Would you like to enjoy your glass of wine guilt free? I do!

I love food.
I love flavour, texture, taste sensations....
And I eat well.
I enjoy my food.

My gift to you is a 3 part tele-class at no charge.
So you can get started feeling better and burning fat.

If you can't join us live, I will send you a recording so you don't miss out.
And you will have it available to you always. To refer to anytime. To be part of your arsenal of health protective weapons.

Why would I do this?
Well, I am in the United States right now.
And my stomach is turning looking at the obesity here!

Are you working hard so you can enjoy your life in the future?

I don't want you robbed of your freedom to enjoy your future by getting sick. Disabled from a heart attack, cancer, diabetes, dementia - all of which escalate when you 
have extra fat stored on you.

It is all preventable.
Fat is a symptom that something is wrong.
The very causes of fat mismatch - let's call it that - can give you:

- insomnia
- poor concentration
- irritability and low mood
- low sex drive
- poor memory
- foggy brain
- fatigue and exhaustion
- overwhelm and feeling frazzled
- trouble tolerating odours and chemicals and smells...

Imagine your life without any of these issues.
Imagine your living your life doing everything you plan to, want to.. And more.

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I promise you - you won't regret it!

Dr. Natasha Iyer MD

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