What most diets don’t tell you

What most diets don’t tell you  

Your weight gain is NOT your fault.  

You may have heard that before…  

But I really need you to get it before we get too far into 2018 because once you really get that being overweight, is neither your fault, nor a character issue…  

You will be free.  

Free from the insecurities and negative feelings or disappointment because of your weight again – never, ever.  

Imagine a future where your body builds you up, instead of dragging you down. 

So, from this point forward, let’s agree right here and right now that you can tap into self-love and inner strength, not self-deprivation or guilt.  

In your hands, you will have a totally different approach this year… one that gives you a totally different result: The ability to become naturally thin for life. The ability to break free from that paralyzing self-blame, shame, complexity, and yo-yo dieting.  

You can put yourself and your real needs first, and the rest will fall into place.  

I realize you’ve heard, read, and done a lot of different things to lose weight over the years. But the pounds didn’t budge, at least not for very long. If you’re like the hundreds of people I’ve worked with in my 20+ years of practice, you’re seriously discouraged. I certainly recognize why you might be a little bit hesitant when you read one more thing about how to get thin and healthy.  

Let me offer you some peace of mind:  

My New 2018 Metabolic Reset 101 is now ready, and is GUARANTEED to transform you into the best shape of your life!  

Please hear me out:

What I’m introducing to you here is cutting-edge information that has been hidden from you. I promise you that you haven’t tried anything like this, because the proven science you will learn here has never been shared broadly before.  

I’m going to pull back the curtain and share a breakthrough in science, the new science of thin, health and vibrancy.

To see what I mean, let’s dig a little deeper and uncover two of my top reasons diets have failed you:  

Number 1 - Conflicting and Confusing Health Information  

The reason that most diets have failed you is because you have not been given the right information.  

Think of this like hopping in your car, ready to head to a new destination, but with wrong directions. You follow those directions, thinking you’ll find where you want to go, but you end up at someone named Bob’s house.  

You’re totally lost.  

In your confusion, you might even have a fender-bender, or worse, a total-your-car collision as you tried to navigate your way.  

The health and weight loss information you’ve received up until today are a set of wrong directions. If you don’t have the right set of directions, you’re bound to have all kinds of health wrecks, such as like stubborn fat, yo-yo dieting, obesity and a host of aches, pains and health issues.  

Hormones control your metabolism. Without balancing hormones, nothing else works to give lasting results. It trumps exercise. It trumps ‘healthy food’. It trumps all ‘diets’ out there. This is why you are struggling.  

You have to FEED your hormones and fuel your metabolism. Period.  

It’s time to take a deep breath and put aside every notion you’ve ever had about dieting and exercising. I have the directions to a new path, a road to slimness, health, and wholeness – with all the information, support and emergency contingency plans that you may need.  

Number 2 - Calorie Counting Doesn’t Work

For decades, you have most likely been told to lose weight by counting count every single calorie, cutting back drastically on food, and starving yourself in order to get thin.  

The opposite is true.

Counting calories is typically synonymous with calorie restriction. However, plenty of naturally thin people or those trying to build muscle or gain size also try to count them to increase them.  

No matter whether you are counting calories up, down, or sideways, it does not work long term. Based on what modern science has now proven, it’s as outdated as believing the world is flat. Plus, it doesn’t just fail 95.4% of the time—it often leaves you heavier than ever. That can be truly devastating!!  

What does work is focusing on the type and quality of those calories which will give your hormones information on whether to use them as energy, or store them as fat.  

Just think how you’d look and feel today if you understood that what you eat has way more impact on how you look than how much (or how little) you eat…  

Here is the very simple truth: The only way to get thin and healthy – and to stay that way permanently – is by eating more of the right foods and exercising smartly. Do both and you’ll be armed with the information to burn fat permanently, forever. No more starvation, no more deprivation, no more yo-yo dieting. A re-set metabolism that works for you, and you have the freedom from restrictions and dieting.

I will be introducing you to a satisfying, fat-burning way of eating that will help your body find its way back to health and to a healthy weight… and STAY there forever. You discover this and customize FOR YOU, because what works for you is different from what works for someone else.  

It will change your body, your attitude, and your life.  

Until now, you’ve been fighting against your body and your mind.  

You’ve determined your worth by a number on the scale.  

You’ve held yourself to impossibly high standards that do nothing but fester inside you and make you feel hopeless.  

You’ve spent spend hours planning how to eat less, hours torturing yourself with exercise, and brow-beating yourself with insults.  

What if you had a new approach that works WITH your body and mind to help you become naturally thin?  

Just think: Never dieting. Never feeling like you have to diet.  

You stop losing and regaining the same 20, 50, or more pounds over and over again throughout your life.  

I realize you’ve probably never been told this before, and that it sounds too good to be true. But it is the truth – and scores of scientific studies prove it.  

This is what The Metabolic Reset 101 is all about.  

It’s my new program where I can share the newest and most effective science and strategies with you  

The Metabolic Reset 101 removes the willpower, shame, and guilt from the weight loss equation. It ends the frustration and the yo-yo dieting.  

It puts a stop to the painful and expensive health consequences of being overweight, and does it with a proven system that will unlock the healthy, vibrant person inside you.  

Class begins on Monday, January 15, 2018  

But I want to be transparent with you:  

For this to work for you, I need you to try some things you’ve never done before.  

You’re going to have to let go of old beliefs about eating and the shame over failed dieting and latch on to a decision to create the body and the health you desire like your life depends on it.  

I’ll give you my everything  

I promise.


I can't believe how much better I feel in just 7 days!
Oh! I'm feeling happier already. I'm feeling skinny already - no more bloating. I can bend down and tie my shoe and not have to hold my breath.
I'm moving with my grandkids - I can play with them and bend and get on the floor. They exhaust me - but now I have more stamina to play with them.
I'm more alert talking. That's huge!!! My memory was getting really bad. Look at me now how sharp I am!

All that feedback, the coaching, the guidance is SO helpful for me.
This program is easy and it works. It works so quickly if you follow it.
I've had lots of challenges with my weight. Up and down. Always trying some new fad.
This time I know I can do it because of the coaching. And it works for me.

OH! And the body aches! They are gone too. I'm SO HAPPY I joined.

Breanda Lee Gagne 59 years, Calgary AB

‘I’m almost 68 and I can hike and bike and swim... I couldn’t have done any of these things before. My weight is the same as in my 20’s. I started at 167 lb and now I am under 135!!! I’ve been holding this weight for a year. When I started this process, I was extremely tired. Exhausted. I had sweet cravings ‘sometimes I can kill for’!!! 

They’re gone now...’ K.E.

No diet program available addresses anything more than food, and some of the smarter ones coach you about exercise as well. As we have established, this old school approach doesn't work. No matter what it is called, a 'diet' is a diet' is a 'diet' and they ALL fail. In this 12 week program, you get medical education more than most doctors have in the field of hormones and metabolic reset.  

Talk to most obesity specialists and endocrinologists: they tell you losing 10% of your body weight is all you can hope for in the long term. How depressing. So if you have 60 pounds extra, you are supposedly destined to carry extra body fat forever because your metabolic setpoint has changed. Well how about: 'why did it change' and how do we set it right again?  

Functional Medicine looks at the underlying ROOT cause of all symptoms. And a broken metabolism is a symptom that something else is wrong.  

We start at the beginning: Simple steps of goal setting and goal achieving. They are totally different. We look at your mental blocks. What worked before, and more importantly, what did NOT work before. Why did you fail?  

The MENTAL GAME is critical. Without it, you will fail again.  

I have spent most of my life feeling awful about my body. I was called a 'fat, ugly child' because next to my cute baby sister, that's what I looked like. Until I came to terms with this: someone elses view of me is NOT important... and that it was VERY IMPORTANT as a driver for my eating behaviours... I could never get results and keep it. Then I developed thyroid problems that were not diagnosed. And despite 'normal' tests; I had every symptom of a low thyroid.  

This program focuses on re-setting your metabolic 'set point'; rebalancing hormones and everything I've learned after working with thousands and thousands of people in the field of weight loss.... and watching them fail over and over again.  

What you get:

 - exclusive membership site with personalized access

 - teaching videos every 2 weeks - daily email coaching

- recipes, lists and important information

- teaching manual and guides on line for easy reference

 - private Facebook group for personalized Q&A and &upport

- a comunity of people who have faced many struggles and challenges like you have.

This introductory pricing goes away in a few weeks.... join us right away to look and feel amazing for Spring and Summer.  

Yours in health Dr. Natasha Iyer, MD