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Mesotherapy Is An Old French Technique That Infuses The Skin With Hyalauronic Acid, Antioxidants And Essential Vitamins & Minerals

See the lines disappear and skin firm up in just one session and a radiant glow! 

See The Results in One Session 

Receieve $50 Off Your 1st Session

What To Expect With Your Mesotherapy Session

About Dr Iyer

Dr. Iyer has spent the last 21 years taking patients to the next level in health and beauty. She combines the science of getting younger and the art of cosmetic medicine to create above average results for you.

Staying healthy, looking younger and enjoying a high quality of life is what she delivers. And she is so confident you will love your results, she guarantees it.

Book now and claim your $50 off your session of Mesotherapy *Individual Results May Vary for each patient

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What Our Patients Think

I can say that Dr. Iyre and her team are very professional, very caring, very honest, very friendly and ensure their state of the art office is warm and inviting, EVERY TIME. Calling Dr Iyre was one of the best decisions of my life. I promise you if you give them a call, you'll be feeling happy and healthy like me.

Terri W.

At Better Clinic, you won't feel like just another customer they're trying to get in and out the door. From the time you walk win to the time you walk out, you'll feel like everyone's number one priority.

Chris D.

 Not only was my experience at Better Clinic is first class, they also made it incredibly easy to book an appointment. They were flexible and went out of their way to accommodate my schedule. For the first time ever, going to the dentist was actually easy.

Jason M

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