Autologous (your own) Platelet-Rich Plasma – RegenPlasma™

Tired of seeing increasing numbers of fine lines and wrinkles on your face?

Skin that is aging?

Fresh, younger looking skin is easily achieved by adding PRP to your Beautiful Skin routine.

PRP helps you avoid Botox™  if you wish to avoid ‘neuromodulators’. It can soften fine lines, reduce the depth and appearance; however it does not stop the muscle movement that contributes to the wrinkle formation. Remember, the stronger the muscle, the deeper the wrinkles in the skin above, especially as your skin gets thinner with aging and hormonal changes.

With repeated treatments and a bit of laser, you can get results that are pretty close to that which you could achieve with Botox. We get it: Botox is not for everyone, and at [Better], we have other options and choices for you.

What other results do you get with PRP:

    • Thin skin regenerates fibrin and elastin, key components of youthful skin. So it ‘thickens’ up. And hence wrinkles less. Using PRP thrombin technique and combines with hyaluronic acid, ‘turkey neck’ and thin, crinkled neck sin can be restored to a younger state.
    • Age spots and sun damage improve. We can demonstrate this with our Visia technology.
    • Acne Scarring: can be completely diminished and improved. Results are better in synergy with Profractional laser treatments.
    • Stretch Marks: minimize or reverse stretch marks.

The elements of your own blood contain life-giving growth factors leaving you with the appearance of smoother, younger skin. RegenPlasma™’s leading edge technology makes use of your own cells to promote skin health in a natural manner.

The RegenPlasma™ process is quick and simple. Your own blood is prepared in our clinic and delivered to your problem areas, in one session. It is painless. And completely a natural process.


Before - After
Before – After
Before - After
Before – After


Before - After
Before – After


Before - After
Before – After
Before - After
Before – After

Breast with stretch marks had 1 treatment of Selphyl

Other breast had 1 treatment of PRP

PRP – RegenPlasma™ extracts more growth factors and platelets than other technology hence it gives better results after 1 treatment

stretch marks on breast before and after


Multiple treatments may be required for optimal results based on the degree, age and depth of the stretch marks

Studies confirm that Platelet Rich Plasma is an effective treatment for stretch marks all over the body. Activated platelets release growth factors. More than 30 bioactive substances are found in platelets.

Transforming growth factor 1-Beta (TGF-B1) and epidermal growth factor (EGF) have been studied extensively.


Biopsy of treated areas found an increase in fibronectin after treating skin with PRP. 7 fundamental growth factors have been found to increase glycosaminoglycans -GAG’s (a molecule that deals with the support and maintenance of skin structural proteins such as collagen and elastin).

PRP is also shown to generate hyaluronic acid, which is lost during skin aging, making it look thinner and drier. Through the effects on collagen fibre diameter, skin elasticity improves as well.

Growth factors from platelets have been shown to decrease skin pigmentation and thus lightens skin. This is useful around the lower eye lids. Dark under eye circles is a common complaint of many women and men.

It has also been shown to increase the deposition of new collagen.

PRP – RegenPlasma™ Treatment Benefits Men

Before - After
Before – After

These 3 photos are Clarity UV pictures that help us see hidden skin conditions, sun damage and aging.


Before RegenPlasma Treatment
Before RegenPlasma Treatment

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After RegenPlasma Treatment
After RegenPlasma Treatment

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Visible Difference in Left and Right Side


These results were achieved with 1 PRP treatment. Photos were taken 1 month after treatment.
What you see 3-4 weeks after PRP:

  • Softer skin
  • Smoother complexion
  • More even tone
  • Tighter pores
  • Reduction of sun spots and pigment
  • Stimulates collagen and fibroblasts revealing firmer skin with better tone.
  • Helps scars and stretch marks appear lighter.


Before - After
Before – After
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How long does it take to see results?

Initially the areas treated may plump up and seem smoother before the treatment is absorbed into the dermis. Overall results are gradual. Results may vary from person to person, however changes are usually apparent within three weeks.

What areas can be treated with RegenPlasma™?

Almost any area of your body can be treated. There are no synthetic additives involved in the treatment. Choose to have treatment on your face, neck, hands or even scars anywhere on your body.

How many treatments will I need?

Programs range from 1 to 3 treatments, four to six weeks apart.

Are there any side effects?

Because the treatment consists of cells from your own body, there is little risk of an allergic reaction or intolerance. However, it is important to disclose to your doctor any and all medications and herbs you are taking before you start treatment.

Is there any special care for my skin after treatment?

Any treatment should be supported by eating a balanced diet, which includes a variety of fruits and vegetable. You also need to drink lots water each day and follow the skin care regimen suggested 100 satisfaction guarantee logo petitby your doctor.

At [Better] we have a special ‘Inner Health for Outer Beauty’ program that we use to augment and enhance the results of your PRP from within. Be it looking at your hormones of aging, or our cellular anti-oxidant status or good tests; we help you get maximum results.

Platelet Rich Plasma in Orthopedics

Contact [Better] to set up your appointment today.

We are so sure of the results you will get that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Cosmetic treatments. How? Because our Clinic has a unique approach to Inner Health for Outer Beauty. Using medical science to look after the inner factors that influence aging like hormone balance, toxins, stress and diet; we provide you with all the tools to protect your results and need fewer maintenance treatments over the long term. This is why we have programs and we can guarantee you results. Using our Visia Skin Analysis, we can track your progress and prove without a doubt the results you have.

To Activate your guarantee you must follow the Clinic process:

  • VISIA Skin Analysis and Pictures taken on your first visit
  • Come for your follow up appointment as you’ll need repeat pictures & Skin Analysis
  • Complete your Blood Work as directed by our Skin Specialists and Doctor
  • Have your visit with our Doctor to discuss your Blood work results
  • Follow the home care Prescription given to you by our Skin Specialists and/or Doctor
  • Attend the following workshops: First Steps to Wellness & Skin Health

Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

This means ‘your own’ Plasma.

By choosing a treatment that is originates in your body, there is no possibility of an allergic reaction or side effect.

The ideal use of PRP is to rejuvenate skin on your face, neck, chest and hands.

Aged skin is thin. PRP uses growth factors from your platelets to regenerate skin to increase tone, texture and radiance.

Sun damaged skin also responds well to PRP. If laser is not appealing or your skin type prohibits laser (noting that the Broad Band Light laser available at better is suitable for skin types 1 to 5) PRP is the best choice.


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