A recent study proved that laughter helps your brain work [Better] – after watching a funny video; test subjects did better on short term memory tests AND had lower stress hormone levels on saliva testing.

  • Cortisol is your stress hormone that helps you cope with stress.
  • Chronic elevation of cortisol is implicated in BELLY FAT storage.

So, the less stress you have, the [Better] your memory.
When you laugh, you increase endorphins which help your brain levels of dopamine. You feel [Better] and your immune system works [Better].

So, laugh: at yourself when you slip up; with others when you are enjoying time together; create reasons to laugh.

Keep your mind and your memory sharper with Brain Memory.
Formulated by Dr Eric Braverman, a leading physician in the field of Brain Aging and brain memory medicineauthor of The Edge Effect

  • Improve brain blood flow
  • Maintain levels of AcetylCholine (Ach): your brain chemistry important for memory and learning.
  • Ach levels decline with age: take 2 capsules a day with food to maintain your brain.


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