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Karis Langvand Treating Young Patient

April 19, 2019  by 
Natasha Iyer

Dr. Karis Langvand, DC has joined our clinic and we are LOVING having her with us.
Chiropractic is for more than treating pain and acute injuries.
Here Dr. Langvand is working with a 14.5 year old, helping him manage his posture and muscle- neurological health. She’s teaching him how to strengthen his back to counteract the bent over postures at school while writing and reading; and also using devices.

Our world is very sedentary. Kids sit at school more than ever, and free time is spent on devices or computers. It’s the same for adults, at work, and at home.
We cross our legs.
We wear heels.
We read bent over.
We slouch while watching TV or relaxing.

Muscle groups get inactive and shortened.
Other groups take over.
The balance of the muscular system is lost.
Over time, not only is there pain and constant tension; arthritis and joint issues can set in.

Starting early to prevent this is essential for this young generation’s health.

Call 403 237 2353 and ask about the FREE ASSESSMENT days.
And special pricing for kids.

Covered by benefits.
Direct billing coming soon.

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Natasha Iyer

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