Things you do every day for beauty are making you age faster!!!! Learn what they are. Get Hollywood secrets from a skin doctor to improve skin tone, firm up your skin and get glowing.

Live Workshop July 22nd: How to stop aging, and look younger. Get 6 x back just for showing up.



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IMAGINE...firm and bright skin. Imagine erasing all those signs that say 'YOU LOOK OLDER'! Imagine discovering things that work: everytime!!!



Restoring your skin back to health and youth is now easier than ever.

As Calgary's only Cosmetic Medicine Clinic that treats your INSIDE and OUTSIDE for a total result, we have over 10 years of experience with cellular aging: and how to stop it!

Functional medicine allows us to look at the inner factors that are aging you. Simple blood tests and just talking with you can help you look younger WITHOUT TREATMENTS!

"From the advice you gave me and the (Vitamin), my skin is glowing. I look more awake." Wendy, 52

"Oh! My Gosh!!! That cream is the best I have ever used. My neck! It's thickening up. It's only a few weeks and I see results." Joy J, 53

It's easy to spend hundreds of doallars a month on different makeup, creams and treatments to look your best. We get it.

At this event, we lead you through scientific ingredients that have been shown to reduce skin wrinkling and firm up your skin. You get to make sound choices before you spend another cent.

We teach you about looking younger, naturally. From daily little steps to take, to treatments that come with a money back guarantee. You get a solid education to make informed choices forever. Never waste money again on anything that doesn't work!

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* As a woman, you are exposed to 437 chemicals on a daily basis that are making you age faster. Find out what they are, where to find them and what else you can do to stop aging in it's tracks.

* 7 daily habits can be making you age faster: leave with action steps to take right away. You will be so glad you joined us.

* Other than a facelift, cosmetic treatments often fail to give you lasting results. Find out other options to renew your skin that are simple and safe, and effective. And long lasting.

Newer skin treatments that can thicken your crinkled skin, erase fine lines, tighten pores and make you look 10 years younger, without the price tag of a facelift. Much less, in fact!

Love your skin again. Love it!

 No more need to spend over and over again on treatments that don't last. 

Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars with the information and steps you get when you join us.

Some areas you will receive education in:

* Stimulate collagen to create firmer, younger skin. What does the clinical trials prove is the best investment?

* Turn on Youth Genes to make Botox and Fillers unnecessary, and outdated. Modern science has revealed technology that can get your skin to grow younger. See it live.

* Restore radiance and get rid of skin imperfections. Look 10 years younger, creating natural and flawless skin that will turn your friends green with envy. Watch a treament - no pain and no downtime.

* Erase undereye bags and dark circles... see living proof. 

LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS - see simple and effective treatments.

Testimonials from past guests at this event...

SG: "What great information. I had no idea that what I thought was healthy, is actually making me age faster."

TM: "I couldn't believe she looked younger within minutes! And it's not just temporary"

Lana DH: "...great atmosphere, food and information. Was nice to finally meet you and your team and hope to reconnect again in the future." 

July 22nd - 6:00-9:00 pm at Better

* Full details on why you are looking older and more tired... even when you don't feel like that.

* Live demo:erase years off in mere minutes...  


* Aging Skin SOS: The most simple, affordable and effective gene technology that makes you look younger as the years go by. Just you... but better.

*Brighter, smoother and blemish free skin will save you thousands of dollars in skin care products, concealers, cover up make up you no longer need.

* Wine, Organic Chicken, Snacks, and Veggies will be served...Skin Food with a Delicious Secret.

* $50 gift card towards any product or service your heart desires...

* Over $300 in gifts just for attending.

EARLY BIRD BONUS: $100 towards Forever Young gene reversal technology. Book before July 10th.


A Fun-filled Evening That Will Change Forever How You Look At Your Skin... LOVE IT.

Join us July 26th as we walk you through WHY faces age. The facts will shock you!

After you leave here, you'll know exactly why people look fake and 'cat like' after trying Botox and Fillers.

AND the best kept gene technology that will make you look younger in the future on a shoe string budget.

Look AND feel 10 years younger.

Meet new friends.

Learn something new - guaranteed.

Wine & Organic, Organic Chicken, Cheese, and Veggies will be served...

Over $350 in gifts and discounts


  [Better], Suite 518-922 5 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB, T2P 5R4 

Ph. 403-237-2353