If the solution to ‘losing’ weight was really as simple as just eating less and exercising more, very few people would actually struggle with a weight problem.


I like to recommend my patients shift the way they think about being overweight and wanting to trim down.

‘Loss’ – is a negative term.

Have you ever lost something and thought “That’s fine” or do you search for it.

That’s right!!!  You don’t want to ‘lose weight’ – YOU WANT TO BURN FAT.

There is so much more to being ‘overweight’ – yes, hormones are crucial for fat burning and fat storing; however we know that emotional eating and cravings need to be addressed.

So in our clinic, this is one of the most important starting points.

We have a Mind Re-set technologist, a life coach; we focus on stress reduction and meditation and mindfulness – all of which are so important to KEEPING the results.

Diets can only get you so far.

In fact, if you have tried ‘dieting’ you know what I mean: you plateau, or you get frustrated with poor results, or it is hard to stick to. Announce you get back to your life, the weight you ‘lost’ FINDS YOU AGAIN!!!

I get it.

It is why I created Better Metabolism, a comprehensive program to address the mismatch between fat burning and fat storing.

And all the other components that complicate your efforts to achieve a healthy metabolic and live a normal life that is not focused on constantly being on a diet.


The real key behind permanent weight reduction is unlocked by hormonal balance. Hormones control your metabolism. Your stress hormones affect your ability to release weight and determine how efficiently you will store fat. Until your hormone balance is restored, your search for lasting ‘weight loss’ is doomed.

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Myth #1: You must eat low fat.


‘Bad’ fats are bad for you,yes! These are trans-saturated fats and other chemically modified oils.

Your cell membranes are made of fat and have a lipid layer.

Your skin needs fat. Your brain needs fat to be healthy. So let go of the ‘all fat is bad’ thinking, and start adding good fats to your diet daily.

And you need cholesterol to make hormones like cortisol, progesterone testosterone, estrogen and DHEA. So ‘Good’ fats are essential for your health. Good fat helps you make hormones that assist your metabolism and regulate your fat burning vs fat storing ability.

Healthy Hint:  add almonds, walnuts, olives and avocados to your meal plans. Try adding toasted sunflower seeds to your salad. Hemp hearts to your morning porridge. Snack on almonds and walnuts in your mid afternoon snack.

Client Rick G. lost 14 lbs in 28 days and is still keeping it off 2 years later.

Here’s what Bill has to say about his results.


Myth #2: I have to count my calories carefully; and the lower the better.

Yes, the higher the number you take in; the harder you have to work to burn them off. But if you eat too few calories, your body will actually slow down your metabolism. In fact, you can even create a stress response in your body by ‘starving’ yourself. However, when your metabolic hormones are balanced, you can stop worrying about counting calories.
There is another twist to this tale: Intermittent fasting.
Researchers at UCLA have discovered that caloric restriction can help lower inflammation, aid in metabolism, and turn on some good genes.
During intermittent fasting, you would go 16-18 hours with 500 calories or less.
Eg. Stop eating after dinner, wake up and have a cup of water with fresh lemon. Lunch would be more water and herbal tea and lemon water. Then start eating low calorie meals the rest of the day.
With practice this gets easier.

Myth #3: I can drink diet pop instead of water. I hate water, and anyway; it’s zero calories.

Aspartame and most artificial sweeteners still stimulate your insulin response which causes your body to store fat more efficiently. So there is no point in remaining smitten with any dietary benefit of diet pop.
Carbonated beverages lower your bone mineral density. Many patients have noticed a change in their weight by only stopping diet soda and switching to water and herbal tea.


1. Thyroid hormone.

Thyroid hormone is crucial to regulate your metabolism.
Free T3 is the main regular of cellular energy and metabolism.
Doctors, including endocrinologists are taught to monitor your TSH (the stimulating hormone from your brain).
However, there is no cellular recptor for TSH, so looking at that level gives us no real idea of what your actual metabolic hormones are doing and if you have adequate levels at a cellular level.

If you have ever blamed your hormones, and your thyroid especially, for stumping your weight ‘loss’ efforts – you are probably right.
If your doctor keeps telling you that your tests are normal; you are STILL probably right.

What most doctors do not know about is the critical triad of cortisol-thyroid-insulin. (stress-metabolism-sugar)
What we are also not taught at medical school is how certain toxins and chemicals block the receptor site on your cells at which thyroid hormone must work.

There are many endocrine disrupting chemicals in your environment. Even from food and plastics. These chemicals mimic hormones or block them.
What exactly does this mean?
Consider your hormones a key and the cell receptor site a lock. The hormone (key) must get to the lock and turn it open. (cell receptor site). If there is a toothpick in the lock – the key cannot turn it open. And this is the role of endocrine disrupting chemicals in blocking your ‘weight loss’ efforts. Heavy metals like mercury also block thyroid hormone receptor sites.

Please email client services to receive a hormone questionnaire and discover if hormone imbalance is the cause of your weight problems.

2. Cortisol

Cortisol is your stress hormone. It allows you to continue to escape from a stressor. (Adrenaline is your initial hormone that makes you ‘fight or flee’ before cortisol takes over). Cortisol facilitates the release of stored energy.

When under constant stress, you will release more energy. Are you always using up this energy? If your stress is usually an attack that you have to escape from, then probably not. So, if you are stressed while sitting at your desk, or sleeping; and you are releasing energy that you are not using; your body will create fat from that energy. Unfortunately, it is possible to make fat while you sleep!

3. Insulin

Insulin regulates your blood sugar. It takes excess sugar and stores it as fat. That energy your cortisol is releasing while you are worrying about your problems – can actually get converted into fat, including belly fat!

Eating foods that quickly convert into sugar will also help you store fat more efficiently. So feed your body foods that take a long time to digest. Natural whole foods are best. Choose low glycemic index foods in your weight reduction strategy.

4. Testosterone

Both men and women require testosterone for maximum energy. With adequate amounts of testosterone, you can build muscle and maintain it. Testosterone is made by the testicles, ovaries and adrenal glands. Testosterone levels are optimised with regular exercise.

This is why safely monitored bio-identical hormone balancing can yield lasting results in your effort to burn fat and keep it off.

5. Growth Hormone (GH)

Growth hormone helps repair and regenerate tissues. Exercise helps optimise growth hormone. It is not necessary to replace growth hormone until much later in life. Usually, your levels can be low if you do not sleep well; or if your cortisol is too high. So strive to get good sleep and regular exercise, eat good quality protein and supplement it with a balance of amino acids to ensure your body can maintain adequate GH levels.

…. adequate GH levels.

These are just a few hormones that affect your ideal weight and staying there.

Many other obstacles are sabotaging your weight loss efforts despite you trying your hardest. We get it – sometimes, it is easier to give up than to stay on track when you get no results.

Who wants to go no-where fast?

That’s right. Not you. Not us.

Please join us at one of Dr. Iyer’s teaching sessions to create your own plan to achieve the results you wish for.

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