This is why I went to [Better].

1. Why do I look for help?

I did not feel healthy, energetic, motivated, always tired, I was not sleeping well, my mood had a lot of change without any reason, I had knee pain, I was getting a lot of weight, etc.
I was into the process of menopause, I thought that I needed to balance my hormones.

2. How was my approach to my process after I came to the first appointment?

After it , Dr. Iyer prescribed me some supplements, metabolic optimizer and a 28 day detox plan to start.
I had an appointment with Michal, the nutritionist, she was educational and gave me advices, what to eat and why I needed to set in my mind a healthy way to eat. At the beginning I decided to make a lot of excuses about to start the detox plan.
I started with all my supplements and metabolic optimizer as a breakfast. I started feeling better and I lost some pounds after a month.
I came for a second appointment with Dr. Iyer and she had a really serious conversation with me because by that appointment I should have had better results and in that way I could have started my hormones balance.
After that conversation, I decided to start my journey the way I should in order to get the best and rapid results.
She asked me to do 10 day detox plan instead of 28 day plan. I started with 10 day plan and I realized that was not so hard to continue with the 28 days plan because I was seeing quick results, for example I was sleeping well, inflammations were almost gone , mood was getting better, etc.. and I was losing weight in a fast way..
I started at 64 kg and after the 28 day plan and a food reintroduction plan I was at 52 kg in about 3 months.

I have had determination, perseverance, discipline, focus, motivation during y after the process, it is not easy, a lot of set of mind , motivation and effort, there are many no healthy choices in the market 🙂

I am still fighting sometimes in order to keep myself in this track of felling healthy and well. I have had a wonderful, educational journey where I had the opportunity to know myself better and confirm how my brain was sabotaging myself,  it is important to realize how our brain plays some games that block our way to live in and positive and healthy way. My self-esteem and trusting came back to my life. I am keeping myself working out most of the time and aware of the importance to think about what is the healthy choice of food at the moment to eat.

I have not finished my journey.. There is a way to go, but I am sure that I will keep myself where I have to be.

Thanks to Dr. Iyer and Michal for introducing me to this better way to being healthy and feeling well.

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