‘I’m almost 70 and  I can hike and bike and swim… I couldn’t have done any of these things before.

My weight is the same as in my 20’s. I started at 167 lb and now I am under 135!!! I’ve been holding this weight for 2 years. When I started this process, I was extremely tired. Exhausted.

I had sweet cravings ‘sometimes I can kill for’!!!

They’re gone now…I’m so getting used to asking for a size small instead of extra large ????


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CoolSculpting (R) Non-Surgical Fat Removal is Now at [Better]!

You Deserve A Better Quality of Life

All those years of writing prescriptions, I realized my patients weren’t really getting BETTER. A drug for this and a drug for that…the same dose for everyone, even though every person is a unique individual. Then I discovered a Better way!