I have my life back!

I can participate in all areas of my life instead of watching it happen around me. It felt Angelaawful being too tired and too foggy to do anything. I slept 20 hours a day most days and barely got anything done.

I was too frazzled and foggy to hold down my high paying job: It took me 3 times longer to get anything done and even thinking was  hard!

My entire body hurt all the time, my headaches were frequent.

My stomach hurt all the time and I didn’t like eating.

But the weight came on quite easily.

It started after some medication for depression and fibromyalgia.

The medication didn’t work, and it was horrifying to gain all that weight for no reason.

The first thing was my stomach stopped hurting.

Pounds of fat melted away and I wasn’t on a diet!

My energy slowly improved to a point where I could work part time.

My own doctor that I have been seeing for years missed

a fibroid the size of my head – it was discovered at Better.

Having this removed gave me so much relief from the constant pain I was in, but narcotics were a better solution than touching my abdomen to find a growth the size of a 20 week pregnancy!

You can imagine my frustration and disappointment in regular medicine and the little care and attention to ME. Even by a simple examination of me. Just drugs and drugs and drugs.

Through the program at [Better]; which included acupuncture and mindset training; Hypnotherapy I got my life and relationships back.

I still travel to see Dr Wu who is an amazing and gifted healer.

(He even helped improve my husbands hearing and took away the ringing in his ear! As long as Guy pops by a few times a year for maintenance, the ringing stays away.)

I still do Skype or phone sessions for hypnotherapy: dealing with the demons of my past help me  recover my physical health better.

Dr Iyer told me that too – right at the start and I was mad! How dare she tell me that when I lived with the real pain in my body all day every day?

How dare she look at me and tell me I had a lot of healing to do: both body and mind and spirit?

I wanted a real treatment and a result now. Something to take.

Not things to DO!

angela after treatment
Angela After Treatment

As I experienced the results, slow and steady; step by step; I believed more and more in the process.

I had to trust the process.

I decided to stop fighting her in my mind and get more into everything.

I started reading and researching.

She recommended Wheat Belly and Adrenal Fatigue and the Paleo Diet.

And the Hormone Cure.

And the more I learned the more I wanted to learn.

I started volunteering with Dr Iyer at the Fort McMurray clinic because I had been told that I better get used to living like that – there were no other  medications left to try.

Yet simple lifestyle training and education, like how to feed my body with foods that work; how to use the power of my mind to stay on track and solve my anxiety – gave me more results than any medication or counselling my doctors prescribed.

I was living proof that cleaning up what I feed my body and how I think can totally turn around health (or sickness, actually).

I wanted to help coach and support her patients who were on a similar journey…..or not: everyone’s journey is different.

But I could speak to my experience with the things she recommends, and affirm that her advice works! (When you take it).

I’m still on my journey: I found out that it’s true – Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis medicine uses when they don’t know what else to do with people like me.

Dr Iyer told me that on day 1 and I was devastated and thought she didn’t understand me.

As she helped me feel better and better, I understood. She uncovered my heavy metal burden that was blocking my cell energy powerhouses from making energy. She helped me educate myself on systemic Candida and how it affects my entire body and brain.

I’m still not perfect at it; and I can sure tell when I don’t follow what works for my body.

It’s instant. I am still on this journey. And am so happy to know that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train!

🙂 the 9 hour travel to Calgary for the parts that are available only there is absolutely worth it.

Whenever I would complain about the cost of supplements and treatments to Guy, he would remind me it was far less than his truck payment, and he would rather have me than a truck anyway.

So, if you have any health issues your doctor is not solving, if you want to feel and look better than ever – the Skype calls for the Long Distance Program, drive,Flight…,

Whatever it takes because you are worth it!



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You Deserve A Better Quality of Life

All those years of writing prescriptions, I realized my patients weren’t really getting BETTER. A drug for this and a drug for that…the same dose for everyone, even though every person is a unique individual. Then I discovered a Better way!