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Treatments and procedures to achieve this result:

  • Specific foods for healthy skin and longevity.
  • Bio-identical hormone rebalancing.
  • High potency nutrients to create younger looking skin.
  • Botox 1-3 times a year
  • Filler every 2-3 years
  • Thermage – single treatment.
  • Medical grade skin care
  • Regular Fruit Acid peels

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Angela’s Story is so Dramatic She Needs a Full Page to Tell It!

How Treatment At [Better] Changed a Life

What people have to say about [Better] workshops.

Belisa has got rid of 20 pounds and kept it off for 4 years now. Follow her and Dr. Iyer on facebook

Here is what skeptic Vickie has to say.

DIANE Z. says: I feel fabulous after just 3 months! My major thing was lack of energy. I just didn’t want to do anything, go anywhere. Everything was a chore. I noticed I got a lot of more energy, my moods are a lot more even, no more cravings…which is good. Even my tendon pain disappeared. It was gradual improvement, and then after the third month – boom – everything was just better. I read Suzanne Somer’s book Breakthrough – she talks about everything you are already doing here at [Better] Medical Centre.

I LOVE my new cheeks! I think I look younger and I don’t get the bags under my eyes that I hated so very much! THANK YOU!
Kathy M, Calgary, AB – May 2010

” I hit a big goal of mine – I got to less than 200lb, the lowest I have been in so many years! Working with Blanche the nutritionist has been amazing. She is worth every last penny and then some. In fact, my food bills are lower than ever. Since getting onto the program, my energy is better, I am sleeping better…. and now I see the weight dropping. Its true – the weight is not the problem; it is the symptom that something else was wrong.

Following the health and rebalancing program and feeding my metabolism really works.”
Agnes R, Calgary, AB May 2010

After special ‘Girl’s night’ of pampering, relaxation and learning:

(I particularly liked) the nutritional discussions while Blanche made the smoothie (I found out that there are) a lot of changes I could easily make/research for my daily routine/eating. I learned that good health is a full blown commitment and just (having) quick surgery/ injections are not the answer (to looking younger)
GINA B., Guest at “Age Gracefully… your sexiest years are ahead!” Oct 15, 2008


My confidence is so much better since the Thermage(TM) treatment…my neck already feels firmer, and I am wearing open neck tops for the first time in years. It’s only been 3 days. I used to be so self conscious about my neck.
M.K. 62 year old female.

… am seeing nice results from the eye thermage. Friends have even commented on the improved quality of my skin!
Camille P., August 13, 2007


I have my life back again; my sleep is great, my memory and mood are like it was 10 years ago – thanks, Dr. Iyer V.M. 52 year old female

Wilma Henderson felt CONNED!

I left here feeling like I been conned into taking something else that won’t work. I’m amazed at the changes. I used to feel fuzzy (brain fog, a general feeling of not wanting to get up) and blah. That is better now.

My PMS was worse with the fogginess that wouldn’t clear until mid afternoon. That is not to the same extent anymore.
I’ve tried all those things (supplements – Vit D, Fish Oil, Calcium, vitamins) before. I definitely feel that the quality makes a difference. I used to stop taking those supplements because it never made a difference.

It is definitely not a placebo effect because I was so negative when I started taking them. I said to Bill that I may as well take them because I spent money on them. Within 2-3 days, I started to feel better.
Julie R (May 2009)

No question that my body was receiving this, and receiving it well. My energy was better, my thinking was better.
STEVE R (May 8th, 2009)

…Some real learning stuff, particularly how foods go together and how it works. I enjoyed that. I”m Progressively moving from where I was. Not quite all the way there yet. But getting closer to getting of my medication. I had some predisposed ideas about what is good and what isn’t from the media, and Blanche (Nutrition counsellor) burst those myths for me.

The vitamins are great! I look healthier.
Leonard R (May 29th)

Mom wanted you to know that she has been sleeping far better then she has in years! She said she had forgotten what it felt like to fall asleep naturally and wake up refreshed! Her pain level has decreased … she believes she is feeling a bit better with each passing day!

Thanks so much Dr. Iyer – we so appreciate the help you are giving Mom and Dad!

The difference in Dad, since he began treatments with you, is night and day! He wasn’t sleeping, couldn’t climb a flight of stairs and was not his normal vibrant self. Within a week of seeing you we all noticed a huge difference. Now, eight months later, he is back to his old self and better. His quality of life has improved exponentially – we can’t thank you enough!

The best thing about you, Dr. Iyer, is that you really care. You take the time to listen to the patient. Everyone should be so fortunate to have a physician like you!

Thanks Again!

Yvette S.


My botox injections are great. Very pleased. My eyebrows have lifted beautifully; and comments are that I look younger.
From Lynda B, 19-04-07

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I wanted to let you know that I am feeling great. My energy levels are consistently high and my mood is noticeably improved

I tested my new energy levels in Arizona this week. Before the (treatment) I consistently lost all energy, muscle strength and interest in golf about 3 hours into the game. In Scottsdale, I finished 18 holes in 4.5 hours, played well and recovered even better it’s been a long time since I’ve felt like this…..

Thanks. In a very short time, you’ve already made a big difference in my quality of life.

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… I am pleased to say that I am feeling not as anxious and I have been able to handle stress as it arises. That in its self is incredible. Thank you very much. It was not enjoyable when even the smallest thing, seemed like another mountain to overcome

I am excited about living a balanced, healthy and strong life. I believe it will be a reality.
Lisa A

I saw a number of people for the first time since a year ago – YOU got the most amazing compliment. One person was literally speechless when we met up – they wondered what I had done to look ’15’ yes, FIFTEEN years younger!!!!”
C.B. Age: 49, Jan 23, 2007

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I thought I was starting to feel better in early June and perhaps was on balance however, the change with (the health and rebalancing program) was as you had suggested, quite dramatic for me. Within a few days and certainly within a week I noticed the following.

  1. Interest and focus returning, chronic depression lifting.
  2. Sleep, glorious sleep – I slept through the night almost all the time and actually had dreams. I am getting quite well rested.
  3. Not as irritable.
  4. Energy levels on the upswing, especially after the DHEA.
  5. My thoughts are more focused and my memory is better, hence the reading.
  6. I had much reduced problem of grey outs.
  7. I still needed to eat regularly.
  8. Starting to be more open to having fun again, but not all the way there.

Thanks James C

went fishing up in the North West Territories last summer and got bad sun damage to my chest and arms. I had a BBL treatment in the fall. I was amazed with the results. My skin was totally soft and beautiful. People were noticing my skin and how young it looked. I couldn’t stop showing it off either – it felt tighter, too.
Louise M., July, 2007

” my brain is working so much more efficiently and my performance is maintained with less effort.bill1
I am down 25 pounds from sept 16; and I are everything I wanted through thanksgiving!!
My sleep is way better, my busy brain is all gone!”
Bill, 2014

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… am seeing nice results from the eye thermage. Friends have even commented on the improved quality of my skin!
Camille P., August 13, 2007

A year and a half ago I was in a serious motorcycle accident and I broke both of my legs. As a result of this damage I suffered intense knee pain. It was suggested to me, by my orthopaedic surgeon, that I have acupuncture. After two appointments with Dr. Wu I was no longer in pain, and was walking further than I had in the past year and a half. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Wu if you have any pain associated with such injuries.

He is conscientious, thorough and reviews your medical status on a consistent basis. I plan to see him on an on-going basis for continuing good health.
Patricia M., 57 years old

I thought I would be hungry, but after the first couple of days I found there was none. I had really good energy, which was surprising. I have lost 23 pounds in 3 and a half months; even though I went on holidays (a cruise).

I am so pleased with my results.
Janna M.


in fact my energy has been really great since the last two (acupuncture treatments). I was optimistic, but really had little expectation. The results are very interesting – it feels powerful…

Dr. Wu has also been working on my back, which has been sore for a couple months. This last treatment really helped – it’s a nerve pain that runs down my leg and when I got up this morning I walked without pain for the first time in months…
Ruth. O. (after her 3rd acupuncture treatment), Oil and Gas Executive, Mother of 4

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My friends couldn’t believe how great I looked…thought it was weight loss and a haircut, but after a day I finally told them. They thought it was awesome….and that I had guts. I hear compliments everyday about how great I look…”Your haircut has taken 10years off of you”..little do they know, I haven’t done anything different to my hair. I think the whole procedure was great. I can’t wait for the after picture.
A. Varnes


I notice my skin is softer, more evenly textured and much of the blotchiness and scarring has disappeared or at least faded considerably. After several years of problems with adult acne as well as some sun damage, I had many deep scars and discoloration in certain areas of my face. I usually had to wear make-up and concealer to get the results that I see now without any need for make-up. I am very pleased with the results and would not hesitate to recommend the treatment

Because the peel needed to be a deeper peel due to my scars, the healing process was a little longer but I would have to say it progressed beautifully and was completely healed within about 10 days.

Thank you again, and as I said, I would recommend the treatment without hesitation.

Joyce O., June 2006

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Jan is a lady who has had nerve pain since her teen years. She has had chronic pain as part of her life; and bordered on giving up on life at least twice. She had a mechanical pump implanted into her abdomen to release pain medications into her spine as a last resort.

Once, she almost died from an incorrect amount of medication given through this pump.

She is now on one tenth of medication; walks without her wheelchair; and has been able to lose 20 pounds through exercise and healthful eating; so that she can be more mobile and free.

Jan also follows the health and re-balancing program and follows the Healthy Living guide at [Better].

Dear Dr. Wu:

I thought it may be helpful for both of us to review the progress we have made during the last year of acupuncture treatments.

Twenty years of severe pain and bed rest have played a key role in my life. When I first met you, I was completely without hope. I have tried so many times to force my body into some kind of healing (surgery, various treatments, physiotherapy, braces, crutches, drug therapy), all with disastrous consequences.

The most humbling experience I have ever had was when I had to give in to using a wheelchair. This did not come easy to me, I tried to walk for many years. When I finally agreed to get into that chair, the pain was so overwhelming and I was so weakened that I couldn’t even count how many seizures I had in a day, they just kept on coming

Our first few treatments were difficult for me. They were painful, and sometimes the pain worsened during and after the treatment. There were moments, however, that the pain would change and come down to a level that I had not experienced in years.

Over the course of many months, the pain has changed considerably. Although it can still get to very high levels, it also has the capability of coming down to zero. I remember telling you that one day, and you asked me, “how long does the pain stay at zero”, and I replied, “long enough to notice”!

… the worst of the pain, the searing deep burning pain which had been my constant companion, is no longer there. There is still pain. It does come back to some degree when I push too hard, but it is completely controllable.

The healing process has been interesting. In spite of the challenges, I am finding the journey fascinating, exciting and I can hardly wait to see what will happen next..

I find myself now with an audacious hope. I am hoping to walk, to work, to be completely off all medication, to be able to live again freely. But I will not be disappointed with anything. Even now, I would be very happy to live with these levels of pain.

Thank you for your skill and your patience. I know that you feel every one of my setbacks as much as I do. The setbacks are all good. They are all pointing in the right direction now. As you know, I will be grateful to you for the quality of my life always.

Jan L.


…I would like to make an appointment for treatment.

Peter is looking pretty good since his treatment! (Thermage and filler)

Thank you,
Pat K


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