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Healthy Hormone Balance


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This event finished on 09 May 2017

Are you safe or at risk with natural hormones?
Did you know that most people on a hormone replacement program, bio-identical or synthetic; are at increased risk for cancer and other side effects?
Even though hormones are the secret chemistry of life and feeling awesome, advances in genetic science; the human microbiome; and other critical areas that affect safe hormone balance – changes what we prescribe, how we monitor and the dosing we use. Everything is different from even a year ago!
Your time is rewarded with understanding the paradigm shift in thinking about hormones. Yes, balanced Hormones will improve your energy, mood, stamina, mental sharpness, sleep and sex drive.
Discover how to get started on a process that can help you feel better even without taking hormones.
“What I learned in these 2 hours was more than over 10 years of research” said one guest.
“I’ve been on bio-identical hormones for years and never heard about the steps Dr.Iyer teaches. I feel better on lower doses of hormones with her than I ever did before!” LJ
Dr Natasha Iyer, MD  has been working with clients in the field of natural hormone balance for over 10 years.
Her unique approach is ever evolving based on how quickly science advances.
(Value: $250)
Tuition: $125 for an annual pass: you and your family.
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