May 27

First Steps to Wellness: What is sabotaging all your efforts to live longer and healthier


Event Details

This is an interactive and fast paced workshop from which you will leave with an understanding of the basic and foundational steps that are missing from every health plan out there.

Expect to be amazed.

And wowed.

And guaranteed – you will learn something new – something you have never heard before.
Create your own action plan and steps forward with cutting edge science in a fun and high energy group setting.
Dr. Natasha Iyer is a media expert and Functional Medicine physician who helps patients from as far as Peru and London, England… And all over Canada.

She integrates natural health principles with real science, and the results speak for themselves.
“I have researched health for 15 years. What I learned in these 2 hours was far more helpful and gives me a place to start that makes sense!”

said one guest.


“I got my life back!!! Within 3 weeks my brain fog has lifted, my moods are stable and I have energy again!”

Clinic patient.

Please join us.

Seats are limited to 12 guests.

Tuition: $125 annual pass

Contact Us to register

Friends and family attend with you at no charge.

Actual Value: what your health is worth to you?


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