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Dear Friend,

Coming back from a place where the winter is exactly a beautiful summer’s day HERE… and right into 33 degree heat… I’m realizing there are lot’s of topics to cover to keep you on a safe health track.

Many of you still don’t follow me on FaceBook which is the easiest tool I have to stay in touch with you.
I hope the video link I copied is easy for you to access: it’s important information on products commonly used for sun ‘safety’..
(copy and paste into your browser if it doesn’t work)

Before you watch it: do you apply sunblock or sunscreen daily?
I LOVE the sun. And I hate to fuss.
I would rather NOT apply something (a cream or lotion sunscreen) so bad for my health and dangerous to the environment and risk ‘sun damage’ than use any of these.

When I do remember to carry something for sun protection (usually when my kids are involved), I use pure mineral powder that physically blocks the sun rays and does NOT degrade into damaging molecules this lady mentions in the interview.

The sun ages your skin: yes.
Solar elastosis is the term. Your skin gets ‘lax’ and loose and sags. YUCK!woman showing close up of sun damaged skin
You also develop brown spots, red spots, more redness and spider veins and rosacea worsens.
It is common medical teaching that the sun causes skin cancer.

And so you need to keep this in mid when you are enjoying the outdoors.
While making sure you weigh the risks and the benefits of the exposure to the sun and the products you choose to use.

Here’s how I think about it:

Can I make skin cancer if my immune system is healthy and protecting me?

Yes, I Will Attend. Tell me how many people you are bringing.

Can my cells, collagen and elastin be damaged if I have optimal levels of anti-oxidants?

Yes, Save Me A Seat.  Are you bringing friends?

Will the free radicals and toxic molecules I am applying to my skin via these creams and lotions damage my immune system more than reduce my risk for skin cancer?

Yes, I’ll Be There. 

I also note that in Canada I am not making any effective levels of Vitamin D from sun exposure so I make sure my family and I take Vitamin D daily. (Optimal levels of Vitamin D are critical for a healthy immune system).

July 25th at 6pm I will be covering these key points and you will leave with enough information to make informed decisions about your choices and health.


The link between hormones and immune system safety: the missing information.

Date: July 25th
Time: 6pm-8:15pm
Venue: Better, A Medical Centre for Complete Living.

Hit reply and let me know if you are coming.

To your BETTER health
Dr. N
P.S. Here’s the most cost effective AND bio-available Vit D:
Liquid Vitamin D

Protect your skin and add radiance by adding Youth Tx No 5: a powerful blend of anti-oxidants that decrease the damage to collagen and elastin from sun exposure.

Youth Tx No 5

[email protected] better4life.ca 403 237 2353


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