The Only Proven Way To Lose Weight, and Keep it Off... Gaining Back Your Energy and Your Youthful YOU!

By Dr Natasha Iyer

Do you struggle with your weight? Do diets fail you time and time again? Does it feel like you are fighting a losing battle? 

Do you feel sluggish in the mornings? Even after a great nights sleep? That tiredness feeling that just never quite goes away?

Chances are, your body is overburdened with toxins.

Toxins and pesticides are in almost everything we eat, drink, breath and touch.

It explains exactly why so many people are fat, sick and tired, despite "looking after themselves".

After 2 decades of helping people regain their energy and youth, I've brought out a program that you can do from your home, and eliminate or purge out all the poisins that are robbing you of the life you SHOULD be living! And can, within just 4 weeks.

My name is Dr. Natasha Iyer, MD, and I used to be F'd.

Fatigued, Fat, Frazzled, Foggy, Forgetful… and Frumpy. 

Without finding any solutions through traditional medical models, I was then Fed-up and Frustrated!!! 

If I trusted traditional medicine, the same medicine I practiced every day, I would NEVER have gotten my health and life back. Never!!! Why? Because my thyroid tests were ‘normal’. Even though I had all the symptoms of low thyroid. I was gaining weight despite exercising and eating well. I counted calories. Every one of them, and it made no difference. “Might as well eat cake”, I would say, "I sure look like I do”.

I was so tired, and I hated the mornings. I felt like a car with a cold engine that took a long time to warm up.

Can you relate to that? 

The underlying PROBLEM I had would never be diagnosed even today. It showed up as allergies and migraines. 15 migraines a month at the height of being ‘unwell’. It showed up as post nasal drip and bronchitis. It showed up as moodiness and PMS and trouble with fertility. It showed up as chemical sensitivities.

It showed up as a busy brain that kept me up for most of the night, waking up wonderings ‘Where did the night go? I barely fell asleep."

It showed up as being allergic to ‘every drug’ - whether it was a painkiller or anti-biotic - it gave me side effects to the point I didn’t have many options on medication.

IT SHOWED UP AS STUBBORN FAT THAT I COULD NOT BURN NO MATTER WHAT I TRIED. Belly fat. Thigh fat. Hip fat. And big breasts (Don’t laugh - it wasn’t funny being teased).

The PROBLEM was actually in my genes.

I had trouble with the genes that regulate how my liver processes out chemical molecules.

Whether it be a medication or the components of my Tub and Tile cleaner, or the paint I used to decorate my house… whether it be the chemicals in the air the farmers around me sprayed…

Or the perfume I loved to wear…

This is why I’m so excited to have you join me.

You may not be as bad as I was. But you certainly have some niggling health issues that stop you from having the health and vitality you want.

That you NEED in order to love the life you hope for and plan for. 

After all, no-one jut works hard - we all work towards something we can enjoy:


Time with kids and grandkids

Helping others and making a difference...

Today, I can hike up mountain slopes, enjoy my red wine, eat delicious food without counting calories. I want you to be able to do the same. It becomes that easy.

Clean up your hormone receptors, Increase energy, mood and metabolism.

This 8-week program gives you all the tools you need to live a clean and toxin-free lifestyle. Delivered to your email box for 8 full weeks.


Let’s get started.


The Better Medical Detox is a proven and effective formula for cleaning out all the toxins from your body so you can feel and look young again. 

Pesticides on the foods you eat, toxins in the water you drink, pollution in the air you breath. Not to mention all the poisons in the packaging you touch, ones that are on your clothes, and covering your foods. These toxins are destroying your health and aging you faster than you should.


Delicious meals that are pesticide and toxin free, take less than 30 minutes to prepare, and enable your body to expedite the detoxification process.


Choosing the right supplements, how to judge their quality, and where to buy them for best return on your money.


You will receive regular emails, recipes, videos, and detoxification checklists that give you a clean environment around you.


Simple toxic screens that show you where your body is over-poisoned, and what you can do to clean it out.


Designed to be usable on a desktop, laptop or mobile. If you have email, you can take this program and get back the youthful energy you once had!


Not only do you learn how to purge the toxins out, but you also learn how to live life as toxin-free as possible!


Kerri-Lee "I know I told you when I first saw you that losing weight is impossible for me. I counted every bite, weighed and measured my food and exercised religiously. Nothing worked. Ever! Following your plan, I am losing 8 pounds in a month. It's not fast, but it goes away and stays off" 

Marlene "As an ex-nurse, I know medicine. Detoxing is just a fad and I thought it's something I would never do. Your teaching session was eye-opening. I have lost 14 pounds in 28 days, my skin! It looks younger and my ahir is shiny, my nails are stronger. It was almost too easy - I thought you have some kind of *&^$ in there that is like those diet programs with injections that don't work. But I went on holiday, ate and drank too much, and the clothes still fit the same. Wow! Even my adult acne is gone"


Not only do you get the 4 week detox coaching emails, recipes,video tutorials, and life-altering health blueprint, you also get:

* The 4 week gut healing webinar series, hosted by our inhouse Medical Doctor of Education and Research (sells for $97 seperately)

* $25 off the Metabolic Optimizer meal replacement supplement (one of my personal formulations that maximizes detoxification and weight loss)

* $147 ticket to our in-house Winning The Weight Loss Wars events! 8 course meal servied, right alongside the most impactful and content-rich information you need for gaining back your youthful energy and body. We host this event once a month - you can attend the next one as a gift from us at Better.

* Healthy Eating - a Medical Detox Recipe Book. These are my favotire health meals for the entire family. Not only are they all fast to make (each of them takes less than 30 minutes), but they are delicious, filling, and very healthy for you (your kids will love them, no matter how picky they are!)

“The Better Medical Detox Program has left me feeling more energetic, more awake, and with far better stamina in my workouts!”

Troy White

© 2016