Rick Titan was a talented Coach and Facilitator on the subjects & struggles of Letting Go, RickBookAnger and Breaking through Limitation Caps. Calling them the 3 A’s – Anger, Attachment & Aversion, Rick has learned that these are the three main factors in one form or another that block us from living a life that is happy, uplifting and free. Once we remove these ‘problems’ from our minds, nothing can stop us from living out the family, professional and personal life that we’ve long since been fantasizing about!

A former professional athlete, Rick has travelled extensively throughout North America, Europe and Asia and was a World Wrestling Champion on each continent. Through his experiences in that former life, he learned the techniques on how to push through any barrier placed in front of him. He also learned what NOT to do and what didn’t work in life. The Sports Entertainment Industry was driven by Ego, Anger and Aggression.

Relationships and working in harmony with others can be impacted very heavily with these mindsets as you know. After it was all over, having suffered from a broken neck, Rick had the practice of letting go of his ‘life’ to process. Now, having studied Neuro Linguistic Programming and Buddhism for 13 years as well as under a Buddhist Monk for 4 of those years, he has gone through and accentuated the positive traits of his life experiences and dissolved the negative ones. As opposed to a lot of modern methods, the practices emphasized tend to be the opposite of what clients were told prior to sessions with him.

“You are in your current situation because of using the same mindset over and over. Using a Hammer to dig a Hole. A slight tweak sometimes in ‘re-gearing’ our mind will change your whole world. This information has to come from a new source – to effect positive change.”
With a step outside many of the popular methods of self-help such as ‘Aspiring Boddhichitta’ – an aspiration to live at a higher level and practice a new technique, or ‘Kaizen’ – constant and never-ending incremental improvement, our lives can be turned from a living Hell into an existing Heaven.
Rick now helps others in overcoming their mental blocks, letting go of the past and removing anger from their lives to create higher living regardless of the situation they are in.

“What I liked most about Ricks’ Workshop on Anger is that it was (marketed) for everyone. I didn’t feel like I was walking into a group therapy session with a bunch of angry people; rather normal people who simply have a desire to learn how to let go of their anger.
It’s a really, really, really awesome thing!
I hope everyone gets a chance to learn how to deal with their emotions in a healthy way. It will change the world for the better.”


“Having heard Rick’s views of releasing the emotion of anger in our lives has provided me with some reminders and a new perspective of the topic. Rick is a passionate speaker and gets his message across via his extensive personal experiences and background. I left the talk with a renewed view of anger in my life and a fresh attitude about the future.

-Dorota Ulkowska
Founder, Mind Intermission Inc.

“For many years I’ve been struggling with demons of self destruction. I’ve had fears and self doubt surrounding my own success and professional accomplishments.
Rick very matter of fact and gently opened up conversation with me on my “sh*t” and helped me to see my success to date and how easy in fact it is for me to have success in my business. Rick, knowing I desire to move onward and upward as it would be, gave me tools to use and work through my self-sabotage to gain the further success I desire. Thank you Rick for your ability and desire to make a difference in anothers life, namely mine!


R.I.P. Rick, you will be missed.

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