Dr Iyer is known for her high energy workshops and trainings. Whether it is for business groups, team building or other: learn in a way that is interactive and fast paced and funny!
Leave with your action plan for more energy, brain fitness, glowing skin and stamina in and out of the boardroom!
Feel and look younger.
Dr Natasha Iyer, Speaker, Trainer

Dr. Iyer,

Your presentation was very informative and well presented. You have such an amazing personality and you keep your audience very engaged.  I personally can tell that doing this is your passion and it helps a lot when you present.

Being Adventist, we teach the health message and you did such an amazing job presenting it differently then what I am use to.  It reminded me of when parents cannot get through to their children but having someone speak to the children, they pretty much get it.

Thanks again for your time

Andrea P.

Hi  Natasha
Thank you so much for coming on Saturday and sharing who you are and your perspective on health and healing.natasha speaker
Everyone loved it and seemed super engaged.
You really are a great presenter!
I especially enjoyed seeing you present not only from the perspective of content but also the style of your delivery – loved it!!
And thank you again for fitting this into your schedule-the day was a great success in terms of turn out and the response back as well.
Lets keep in touch and plan something for future I’d love to explore working together in creating more events and classes.
just let me know
thanks again
Malcolm Saunders
Superfood Alchemist
Owner & Creative Visionary
natasha speaker2

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