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    Read on to learn how your skin ages, and what you can do about it.
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  • As you age, your skin gets dull, thin and wrinkled. You look tired.
    Your pores get larger and the blemishes get darker. It gets dry and hard to retain mositure. (Did you know that the sun damage started by age FOUR and shows up in your 30's and 40's?)
    Wrinkles remain at rest and you can no longer hide from the fact that your 20's are long gone.
    Your face looks hollow and the folds around your nose and mouth get deeper. There is no denying you are into your 40's and heading into 50-some.
    Turkey neck sets in and you feel like its 'game over' for who you used to be.
    This is called the 'descent and deflation of the aging face!
    It sounds horrible, but true.
    At some point, make-up just isn't enough to hide the changes. And Botox and Fillers get costly since they don't last very long. And they make you look fake after a while. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to simply grow younger, and still look like you. Natural.
  • Cosmetic medicine has some amazing advances that are in the tool kits of iconic beauties like J-Lo, Beyonce, Meryl Streep, Cindy Crawford and Halle Berry... who look natural, not fake.                                                                        IT IS ALL REVERSIBLE. WITHOUT A FACELIFT. WITHOUT DOWNTIME.
  • Best of all, you can look completely natural, and although everyone will notice you looking fresher and brighter, but they will never guess your secret.
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  • A simple office treatment, or comninations of safe and effective treatments, return radiance to your skin. Get rid of the visible signs of aging like discoloration, blemishes, rosacea. Over time, rebuild collagen and strengthen your skin. Fine lines soften. Texture improves. As you see above, your skin grows younger. Visibly younger, while everyone around you is getting old. And you look younger than today in 10 years. Can you just image??? How would you feel, looking at your friends when you look so young?
  • How will you feel when people say, "Wow!!! You look amazing"
  • As a medical clinic, you are guaranteed of powerful, safe and highly effective treatments backed by the safety of physician supervision. We meet all accreditation standards for medical equipment, laser safety requirements and hospital grade sterility.
  • Love your skin again. LOVE IT. 
  • Our treatments are risk free with our 100% moneyback guarantee. 


The muscle and fat layer, which support the upper layers change. Notice the fat layer shrinking.
This is why your face hollows out after age 40, and you can see it more when you reach your 50's.
Collagen and elastin give your skin firmness and elasticity. As the fibres get destroyed, your skin sags, your jowls get heavier and your folds deper.

Changes in the cuticle and epidermis lead to wrinkles.
In the dermis between your collagen and elastin lie blood vessels and other skin structures. At the juntion between the epidermis and dermis lie melanocytes, which make melanin. Melanin is the pigment in your age spots and brown coloured blemishes.

Science now has the answers to restore your skin back to it's youthful appearance through gene technology.
Unlike IPL and most lasers, this technology turns the genes in your skin cells back to a youthful profile. Your genes now tell your skin cells to behave younger.

You might expect this type of technology to cost thousands of dollars... 
For well under $500, we can tell your cells to behave younger.

Not only do we create younger cells. we help you tighten up your collagen at the same time.
A 2-for-1 result.

With Syn3gize, a very special treamtent protocol created by our anti-aging physician; you can now achieve all this AND smoother, softer skin.

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We are pleased to be a complete Anti-aging Facility that embraces science and all the newest discoveries to help you grow younger. From nutrients and hormones, to stress and toxins - we look at ALL of it to give you long lasting results without expensive maintenance.

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